Program Overview

The Liberal Studies programs each offers an eclectic education for students who do not want to be tied down to conventional majors. Students choose their own classes from a range of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences and can essentially design their own program to match their specific interests and/or career goals.

The Interdisciplinary Studies B.A. offers the maximum flexibility, encompassing courses in the College of Arts, Sciences & Education as well as other FIU schools or colleges. It is an excellent option for those wishing to design an interdisciplinary curriculum that is uniquely tailored. It can be completed through both traditional classes and online classes.

The Liberal Studies B.A. offers the choice of one of four thematic tracks—Health & Human Concerns; Humanities and Cultural Traditions; Local and Global Environments; or Law, Business, and Society. It is an apt choice, especially, for those targeting advanced degrees or training (Medical professions, Law School, et al).

The Humanities Minor provides a traditional "classical education" and is a fine complement to any FIU major.