B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies

The Interdisciplinary Studies B.A. degree program is designed to match your academic and entrepreneurial talent to new or emerging job categories, which will increasingly require those with unique, multi-dimensional skill sets. The degree draws upon courses within the College of Arts and Sciences as well as selected other FIU schools and colleges. Its course of study gives students broad latitude in self-designing their degree focus.

To ensure that student interests, previous academic history, and career plans coincide, two dedicated courses—a 1-credit hour entrance-to-major “Cornerstone” and a graduating-year 2-credit hour “Capstone” (with service-learning, internship, or research project options)--are integrated into the degree requirements. Professional advisers and senior-level program administrators, additionally, will guide you on your path to success.

The Interdisciplinary Studies B.A. major is available to those in FIU’s Honors College; Honors College students fulfill several of the degree’s area requirements through the specialized, interdisciplinary seminars taught by Honors College faculty.

Whether you are a transfer, returning or first-year student, or one that would benefit from the rich array of online offerings or face-to-face classes at either the Biscayne Bay Campus or Modesto Maidique Campus, FIU’s Interdisciplinary Studies B.A. program will challenge you to define yourself, develop your potential, and make important contributions to the world beyond academia.

Course of Study: B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies

As the Interdisciplinary B.A. is a self-designed degree, which brings together a multidisciplinary array of courses into a focused cohort, the curriculum below is expansive, with the area requirements funneling into the “Expertise Focus”. The Cornerstone and Capstone courses help you build a coherent course trajectory from your entry into the major to your graduation and the career-world beyond.

1. Human Aspirations around the World (2 courses, 6 hours): Literature, Philosophy, Religion, History, Art History, Art, Performing Arts (Theater and Music)

2. Defining Social Spheres (2 courses, 6 hours): Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, Criminal Justice, International Relations, Political Science, Economics, Management, Marketing, Public Relations

3. Science and its Applications (2 courses, 6 hours): Chemistry, Biology, Earth and Environment, Engineering, Computer Science, Biomedical Engineering

4. Expertise Focus, theory or applied (2 courses, 6 hours): Two additional courses from the areas above, in consultation with a program advisor, to build upon subject-matter expertise

5. Writing and Communication in and across the Disciplines (1 course, 3 hours): Technical Writing, Business Report Writing, Creative Writing, Journalism, Speech, Communication

6. IDS 3050 Cornerstone (1 course, 1 hour): To be taken upon first semester entry into the major to devise a focused plan of study.

7. IDS 4890 Capstone (1 course, 2 hours): Service learning, internships, and research project options: to be taken the intended last semester before graduation to solidify degree focus and prepare for post-BA career or advanced degrees.

You can download a copy of these requirements here.

You can download a list of courses that fulfill the Interdisciplinary Studies Requirements here.