B.A. in Liberal Studies

The Liberal Studies B.A. combines the virtues of a well-rounded education with innovative ways of seeing our 21st-century world and the knowledge or applied skills needed to be productive in it. Students select one of four thematic tracks—Health and Human Concerns; Humanities and Cultural Traditions; Law, Business and Society; or Local and Global Environments—ensuring that their training will be cohesive, in-depth, and targeted towards diverse future job opportunities or graduate school options.

Each student will work closely with an adviser to develop a coherent and efficient program of study; a unique entry-into-major cornerstone course and a graduating-year capstone course are dedicated to aligning student interests, academic history and career plans. The capstone includes a portfolio project (based on either research, an internship, or service-learning experience) as a gateway from academics to a career beyond FIU.

For the specific requirements of each of the tracks below, please refer to FIU's online undergraduate catalog for Liberal Studies and consult with our advisers. The latter will help you develop a curriculum that matches your interests and future educational and career goals.

Health and Human Concerns Track

This track provides expertise in biomedical science while also offering the rich philosophical, ethical or cultural perspectives on the human condition that will enhance or lead to a variety of careers in medical care fields. It is ideal for students seeking employment in the private or public sectors or advanced training in medicine, health care, social work or associated disciplines. You can download your track sheet here.

Humanities and Cultural Traditions Track

This track allows majors to follow a broadly-based curriculum on diverse Western and non-Western cultural traditions. Students in this track will have the opportunity to study in depth a particular country or geographical region’s history, culture, religions and language, or to pursue interdisciplinary inquiry about a given historical, cultural or global movement. It is suitable for students wanting to go on to graduate studies in the humanities, culture studies, political science and kindred fields or initiate careers in the private and public sectors that value a classical liberal arts education.You can download your track sheet here.

Law, Business and Society Track

This track offers majors the sophisticated knowledge of diverse high-impact applied fields, including economics, political science, public administration and international relations. It offers students the chance to create a tailored curriculum for an immediate professional career, for future Masters of Business or Law School training, or as an academic platform for advanced graduate studies in sociology/anthropology, political science, international relations and related disciplines.You can download your track sheet here.

Local and Global Environments Track

Students in this track can study environmental and social issues by taking advantage of natural sciences courses, including ecology, marine sciences and climatology, as well as social sciences courses, including sociology, history and public administration. This track emphasizes the knowledge and understanding of the interconnectedness of technology, applied science, and social dynamics that will be needed as we, as both local and global citizens, move through the 21st century.You can download your track sheet here.

You can download a list of courses that fulfill the Liberal Studies Requirements here.