College to Career

The Department of Liberal Studies offers students the opportunity to customize a curriculum based on their interests. Some use their degree as a means to an end, designing a curriculum that will help them achieve a specific goal. Others see it as a stepping stone on the path towards greater ambitions. Regardless of your motivation, in the course of pursuing your major you are developing a skill set and knowledge base that is unique to you. Additionally, you are a part of a group whose defining feature is the diversity of career interests being pursued by its members.

The Capstone course for the Liberal Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies major is designed to help you leverage these unique aspects of your degree. Specifically, students will be able to:

1. Describe their interests as they pertain to their post-graduation plans

2. Identify and describe the transferable skills they have acquired in college

3. Recognize the value of their social network and how to nurture and grow it

Your course assignments will highlight your critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills. To help you identify your transferable skills, i.e., the things you’ve learned in college that can translate into assets in the world of work, your graded assignments also include practical exercises such as creating a resume and LinkedIn profile.

This class is only offered online enabling students with widely different class schedules to “meet” at a common location. The discussion forums in these courses provide a venue to gain advice and insight from your peers and to provide some as well. You can learn about our course instructors here.