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College to Career

To adequately answer “What can I do with my major?” students must reflect on their interests, experiences, skills, and strengths and then connect this knowledge with available career opportunities. The Department of Liberal Studies has created a Capstone course that allows students to begin this personal journey. You can review a draft of this course’s syllabus here. For the most updated version, please contact the instructor teaching the section in which you are seeking to enroll.

Students also have the option of exploring their career interests by pursuing internships. Liberal Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies students can earn course credit for pursuing an internship by signing up for IDS 3949 and IDS 4949. Enrollment requires approval by Associate Director Dr. Grenville Draper. 

Career Preparation

The multidisciplinary and broad education students gain while pursuing majors in Liberal Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies prepare them for careers in fields which include, but are not limited to:


As tech companies move to replace algorithms with people to shift through the cultural and political connotations of content shared on their platforms, students who use programs like Interdisciplinary Studies to learn about both technology and society will be well poised to take on such roles.


Some of our students know exactly what they want to do after college: start their own business. The flexibility offered by both our Liberal Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies programs allows such individuals to customize their education to meet their unique goals.


Many of our students are opting to earn a well-rounded education before joining the ranks of our nation’s teachers. For example, our Humanities and Cultural Traditions track gives students the opportunity to take courses in areas such as Religious Studies, Philosophy, Literature, Modern Languages and Art.


The Liberal Studies Health and Human Concerns track requires students to take not only Natural Science courses but also courses in the Humanities and Social Sciences giving them the well-rounded education they need to succeed while taking the MCAT. Additionally, this track is designed to accommodate the prerequisites required by medical schools, helping students avoid excess credit charges and graduate on time.

Public Administration, Hospitality, Marketing

Managing teams and projects requires and understanding of people, processes and institutions. Our Law, Business and Society track allows students to take a combination of courses in areas such as Psychology, Management, Sociology and the Humanities to develop the skills, emotional intelligence and cultural competency needed to become a skilled manager.


For more information about the many unique career paths open to those pursuing a well-rounded education as a Liberal Studies or Interdisciplinary Studies major, join us on LinkedIn.